Privacy & Terms

Before purchasing any Natural Tone products, you consent to the terms and conditions below:

1.The Account Usage

You are responsible for your account and password in case of identity theft or related activity. For example, do not use the public computer to order products or use someone’s computer to login. You agree to take all of the responsibility to ensure your account is not being used by others. If we notice any illegal activity on your account, we have the right to terminate your account or cancel all the orders for user’s safety reason.

2.Use of the Website
  1. When you use the service of this website, you adhere to the following contents:
    • Do not send anything that is provocative, threatening, discriminating, brutal,etc.
    • Do not do anything that might arise sensitive issue or go against the law
    • Do not attempt to plugin or install harmful viruses or Trojans to the website
    • Be responsible for the information that you have submitted
  2. If we observe anything that is going against the law, we have the right the take away the user’s privilege.
  3. Our website will be updated regularly. For a certain period of time, users might not be able to login to our website. For every update, especially major update, we might include or remove some functions for a better user experience.
  4. Everything in the Natural Tone website is copyrighted. This implies that all the information, contents, pictures, designs and patterns belong to Natural Tone Trading. Legal action will be taken against any attempt of replication of the Natural Tone products.
  5. We do not allow any form of unauthorized reselling of Natural Tone products.Legal action will be against such activities.
  6. Be aware of spoof website that will leak out your personal information.
  7. We make sure that our website functions properly at all time, but we cannot guarantee that the website will not break down. For example, being hacked by hacker, or attacked by Trojans, which cause the website to malfunction. Those erupted situations might cause data loss of personal information, or worse, personal account is compromised.Therefore, when you are using the website, you have to be responsible for your own.


3.Privacy Policy
  1. When you register an account on our website, you are adhered to provide your personal information that includes your name, home address, email address, phone number and other information so that we can identify the consumer and send the package to your address. We will not ask for your credit card information because we do not support third party payment system on our website. We ensure you that your information will not be leaked, and we serve to protect consumer’s privacy.
  2. We also ensure that we will use your information given only for business purposes. You agree to receive some important information and promotion deals via email so you can receive the most updated information immediately. Our policy is to make sure that customers feel protected while browsing through our website.If you are not comfortable with our email updates, you can always choose to unsubscribe or deactivate your account at any time. If you still receive unnecessary email, please contact us to solve this issue.
  3. Users must be aware that we are using third party services, for example, checking orders, proceeding with the orders, governing the websites, managing information and emails. Contractors must ensure that consumers’ information is absolutely confidential. We also ensure that only personnel from related departments are able to monitor and manage this information.
  4. In the near future, when we add more information and services, we might as well amend the existing privacy policy and related terms and conditions. If you have any concerns regarding this matter, you are more than welcome to let us know.


4.Payment and Deliveries Issues
  1. When you confirm with your order, we will send an email with a receipt indicating all the information regarding your order. You are agreed to make a full payment in 7 days. If we do not receive the full amount of payment, we will send an email to inform you. If we still do not her from you, we have the right to cancel your order.
  2. Once we receive the full amount of your payment, we will notify you. We will quickly sort out the package and have it sent out to the destination to make sure that the package will arrive at your doorstep in the shortest time. After that, we will send you a tracking number so that you can track your package for its location.
  3. We are using MYR (Ringgit Malaysia) for all transactions. The product cost does not include the shipping fee. We do not provide the exchange of currency, so if you are paying with foreign currency, before you make the transaction to us, make sure you check the currency rate properly and calculate for the total amount to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Some countries might charge additional duty and tax fee, and consumer has to bear the cost. For more information, please contact the local custom office.
  4. If your package does not arrive at the expected time frame, you can contact the shipping company or us, we will try our best to sort out your problems. Note: during certain events such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc., delay on delivery of package is expected. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. If the bottle is broken during the delivery, please contact the shipping company immediately. Depending on the situation, we might refund or exchange a new one, but the chances are slim.


  1. We are not responsible for any conflict of law that is caused by leakage of information due to self-carelessness unawareness.
  2. We are not responsible for any hacker or virus attack that causes the website to malfunction, e.g. leakage of personal information, identity theft, etc.
  3. Anyone who directly or indirectly access to our website is considered accepting the terms and conditions. We are not responsible for any consequence that happens to you.
  4. Dispute over the website or product, threatening or violating the intellectual property of Natural Tone Trading will be dealt with according to law.
  5. We have the right to change the layout of the website, alter the contents, standards, terms and conditions, policies, etc. When you use our website, you are agreed to our policy.
  6. When using our website to buy products, you consent that any action that is against the rules and regulation of our website will be dealt with according to law.
  7. The product color differs from each monitor. The actual color might not be the same as the one on the website.
  8. Our products are sold for personal use, not for resale. If you would like to be the agent, you are welcome to approach us.


6.Complaints and Suggestions

We strive to improve our system, so your suggestions and ideas are valuable to us. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are not satisfied with the product you purchased, or you want to complain on something else, you are welcome to email us at . Please clearly state the title of your complaints and the reasons. We will reply you shortly.